Ultimate advantages of using r4i card

In modern world most of the people are looking to play video games console because it is consisting of excellent technology. But most of the people are suffering to play numerous numbers of games because devices are having less memory space. In case you are looking to play different kinds of game at one time then r4i cards is the best choice. There are different forms of cards are available but most of the people are preferring r4i cards. This kind of card is adaptable for all kind of Nintendo DSi model. It is holding the extra memory space so that people can thoroughly enjoy the games, music files and videos. If you are looking to buy this card then just surfing on the internet. Numerous numbers of sites are offering this card at their official site so carefully choose the best one.

What are the most important functions of r4i card?

When it comes to the r4i card then it is the perfect choice because it is offering complete satisfaction while playing the game. Most of the people are not having idea about major functions of this card and you are also belong to this category then you can read the below instructions such as

It is having a capability for memorizing or storing the previously operated game

It is offering long standby time and it is having features of sleep mode function

It is 100% compatibility for gaming console and it is supporting DSi and NDS games

There is a possibility of changing UL background and four level brightness adjustment is supported by r4i cards

Browser expansion, rumble pack and Wi-Fi are supported and it is also using the optimized mode.

Amazing advantages of buying r4i cards

If you are planning to buy the r4i cards then you have to consider some factor because some of the sites are providing duplicate cards. There are two different colors of cards are available such as black and white. If you are buying gold cards then it is not providing positive result because it is duplicates. So while choosing this card you have to consider this factor and try to choose the cards at authorized site. Basically gold cards are duplicate one and if you are buying fake cards then you can’t able to peacefully play game. A reliable card only useful for all consoles which is includes Nintendo. Most of the people are having wrong myth about that is comes with highest price but it is absolutely wrong. If you are a game lover then you have to instantly buy in such kind of cards. It is suitable for all gaming console and most of the people are providing positive feedback to this cards because it is providing plenty of benefits. It is the simple accessory which is helpful to get limitless multimedia platform. It is not only used for playing games but also it is used to store music files, videos and so on.

What Makes Final Fantasy VI Great?

The Final Fantasy RPG game franchise will forever be etched in every RPG gamer’s minds. You see, Final Fantasy is one of the only RPG game franchise that has survived through the years.

Now, each and every installment of the Final Fantasy series has a lot of loyal fans. There was a recent poll conducted by a prominent gaming authority and it asked the fans of the franchise which Final Fantasy game they think is the best among the rest.

Among the thousands of Final Fantasy fans who answered the poll, 33% of them thinks that Final Fantasy VI is the best of them all.

So in this article, I will talk about what makes Final Fantasy VI great.

1. Characters. A part of what makes an RPG game great is their lineup of characters. In Final Fantasy VI, the character roster is not only robust but each of them has their own unique story. Heck, there are some characters that will make you cry. Never has anyone thought that an RPG game can evoke so much emotion in them. Also, the game’s main antagonist, Kefka, fits the bill perfectly. He is so adept at making you so angry that there was one person who admitted he destroyed his TV screen because he threw his game controller to it after Kefka’s evil plot.

2. Story. Another thing that made the Final Fantasy VI game great is its storyline. The main character is Terra and she is instantly grouped up with Locke. There is a total of 14 characters in the game and each and every one of them has a unique twist in the game. Furthermore, there is also a backstory every time you get their best weapons. I’ve never played any RPG game that does this.

3. Music. The musical score in Final Fantasy VI really amps up the situation. Whether you’re in a dungeon or fighting the many battles you need to face, there is a musical score that will surely enliven your experience while playing this game. In fact, the battle music of FF6 is one of the best iconic and most memorable among all of the RPG games I’ve ever played.

4. Battle System. Each of the characters has their own unique move sets that you can utilize in each battle. Take Sabin, for example. He has this Blitz ability where you input certain button presses to execute a move. Not only is it challenging but it also does a lot of damage when done correctly. Another example is his brother, Edgar. He can use various tools at his disposal. His most famous tool is the “Chainsaw”. It has a unique game mechanic because it can either do a lot of damage or it can miss and deal only 1 hp damage.

There are a lot of reasons to love Final Fantasy VI but the ones I’ve highlighted above always stand out among the rest of the criteria.

If you want to experience what me and a lot of other RPG gamers out there have experienced, then definitely play Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy is available on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the PC.

R4 3DS Cards That Will Still Be Good Come 2017


Every year, R4 3DS card companies always release a new version of their R4 3DS cards. Now, most people hold off in buying R4 3DS cards every midyear with the fear that these R4 3DS cards will be inferior come the next year.
Well, that might be true for some R4 3DS cards but there are still R4 3DS cards out there that can last for more than a year or two.
In this article, I will talk about the R4 3DS cards that will still be good come the year 2017.
1. Sky3DS. The Sky3DS is one of the luxury R4 3DS cards on the market. It is not priced cheaply as the most inexpensive one is priced at $85. Still, the Sky3DS warrants the steep price because of the quality and service that you get when you buy one. The Sky3DS R4 3DS card is not shy of features as it has almost all of the features that can be found on other R4 3DS cards. In fact, some manufacturers make the Sky3DS their model when creating their own line of R4 3DS cards.
2. R4i Gold R4 3DS Cards. The R4i Gold R4 3DS cards will surely be supported for years to come. That is because they aligned themselves with the R4i Wood team, which is one of the first teams to ever hack the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The R4i Gold R4 3DS cards now have dual core processors which cut processing time in half. Furthermore, these R4 3DS cards have amazing support thanks to the R4i Wood team. Whenever there is a new firmware update that is ready to be downloaded and installed, you will be notified using your Nintendo 3DS.
3. Ace3DS Plus. Now, this might be a controversial choice considering that some people deem this R4 3DS card to be one of the fakes, but that is just not true. In fact, the Ace3DS Plus has been around for years and it has become one of the best R4 3DS cards on the market. The Ace3DS plus is actually one of the midrange cards; it is priced just right and it has a bevy of features. Do not get discouraged with some reports from people out there; the Ace3DS Plus R4 3DS card is as original as it gets.
4. Gateway3DS. Another premium R4 3DS card with an exceptionally good track record. What people love about the Gateway3DS R4 3DS card aside from its functionalities is its user-interface. The Gateway3DS R4 3DS cards have the best and friendly looking interface and it is a joy to use. Even non-tech-savvy people can understand the interface without any problems.
R4 3DS cards are continually evolving. But, the four R4 3DS cards I’ve mentioned will always be competitive and it should last you for at least 2 years.
Although some of the R4 3DS cards I’ve mentioned are expensive, they do the job quite well and it warrants the asking price.
If you’re looking to buy an R4 3DS card that will last you for years, then consider buying one of the four R4 3DS cards I’ve mentioned in this article.

Overwatch Might Revolutionize the eSports Scene

Blizzard’s first-person shooting game, Overwatch, was just released last month but it received a lot of praises and it was a huge success.

It was a really big success for the gaming company because just in the first week, 7 million players are already hooked in the game, with more coming in the succeeding weeks. I bought my copy of the game just 2 weeks ago and every day, I got hooked playing it.

Anyway, in this article, I want to talk about Overwatch as a game and why it might revolutionize the eSports scene.

eSports is already a booming business with major games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Starcraft, and a slew of other games having major eSports competitions.

But, one thing is still lacking in the eSports scene and that is non-gamers enjoying these eSports matches.

You see, most of the people that go to eSports tournaments are mostly gamers who have played that particular game. Or, they might be friends or family members of the competitors that are playing in the event.

What I mean by this is that eSports are still a “minor league” compared to real sports such as football or basketball.

How will eSports become truly mainstream in that a lot of people will actually be watching them?

Well, Blizzard’s Overwatch has the potential of turning non-gamers into instant fans and here is why:

One night, I brought a friend over. My friend is a gamer but he hasn’t played or seen Overwatch yet (because he, like me, is an RPG fanatic and he spends his time playing RPG games).

Anyway, my friend is completely oblivious to the game. As I am choosing my characters, I explained to him some backstory of the characters I have chosen. He said that although the backstory was lacking, he understands their dynamic.

Then, I played for a good 2 hours showing him the various facets of the game. From delivering payloads to defending objectives, my non-Overwatch friend was instantly hooked to the game.

What do I mean by this? During my 2 hours of gameplay, my friend was instantly focused on what was happening during the game. That is because Overwatch matches are highly intense in that there is a certain time limit wherein you need to secure the objective to win.

In payload maps, for example, if you’re the attacking team, you need to escort the payload towards its destination.

Of course, the opposing (defending) team will do everything they can to stop our advances. What makes this enjoyable is that all of the players have certain roles to fill.

For example, if I am on the attacking team, I always choose Pharah, the rocket launcher-wielding battle vixen.

Pharah can only fire 6 rockets at a time before reloading but what makes her great in attacking situations is that her rockets deal a ton of damage.

During my 2-hour play session, my friend was focused on the game like a Cheetah preparing to attack its prey.

So, to recap, I brought over my non-Overwatch friend to watch me play the game and he was instantly hooked (even though he was just watching).

Overwatch provides a really fun experience for both the player and the spectator. That is why this game has the potential to bring the eSports scene to the mainstream.