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Overwatch Might Revolutionize the eSports Scene

Blizzard’s first-person shooting game, Overwatch, was just released last month but it received a lot of praises and it was a huge success.

It was a really big success for the gaming company because just in the first week, 7 million players are already hooked in the game, with more coming in the succeeding weeks. I bought my copy of the game just 2 weeks ago and every day, I got hooked playing it.

Anyway, in this article, I want to talk about Overwatch as a game and why it might revolutionize the eSports scene.

eSports is already a booming business with major games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Starcraft, and a slew of other games having major eSports competitions.

But, one thing is still lacking in the eSports scene and that is non-gamers enjoying these eSports matches.

You see, most of the people that go to eSports tournaments are mostly gamers who have played that particular game. Or, they might be friends or family members of the competitors that are playing in the event.

What I mean by this is that eSports are still a “minor league” compared to real sports such as football or basketball.

How will eSports become truly mainstream in that a lot of people will actually be watching them?

Well, Blizzard’s Overwatch has the potential of turning non-gamers into instant fans and here is why:

One night, I brought a friend over. My friend is a gamer but he hasn’t played or seen Overwatch yet (because he, like me, is an RPG fanatic and he spends his time playing RPG games).

Anyway, my friend is completely oblivious to the game. As I am choosing my characters, I explained to him some backstory of the characters I have chosen. He said that although the backstory was lacking, he understands their dynamic.

Then, I played for a good 2 hours showing him the various facets of the game. From delivering payloads to defending objectives, my non-Overwatch friend was instantly hooked to the game.

What do I mean by this? During my 2 hours of gameplay, my friend was instantly focused on what was happening during the game. That is because Overwatch matches are highly intense in that there is a certain time limit wherein you need to secure the objective to win.

In payload maps, for example, if you’re the attacking team, you need to escort the payload towards its destination.

Of course, the opposing (defending) team will do everything they can to stop our advances. What makes this enjoyable is that all of the players have certain roles to fill.

For example, if I am on the attacking team, I always choose Pharah, the rocket launcher-wielding battle vixen.

Pharah can only fire 6 rockets at a time before reloading but what makes her great in attacking situations is that her rockets deal a ton of damage.

During my 2-hour play session, my friend was focused on the game like a Cheetah preparing to attack its prey.

So, to recap, I brought over my non-Overwatch friend to watch me play the game and he was instantly hooked (even though he was just watching).

Overwatch provides a really fun experience for both the player and the spectator. That is why this game has the potential to bring the eSports scene to the mainstream.