What Makes Final Fantasy VI Great?

The Final Fantasy RPG game franchise will forever be etched in every RPG gamer’s minds. You see, Final Fantasy is one of the only RPG game franchise that has survived through the years.

Now, each and every installment of the Final Fantasy series has a lot of loyal fans. There was a recent poll conducted by a prominent gaming authority and it asked the fans of the franchise which Final Fantasy game they think is the best among the rest.

Among the thousands of Final Fantasy fans who answered the poll, 33% of them thinks that Final Fantasy VI is the best of them all.

So in this article, I will talk about what makes Final Fantasy VI great.

1. Characters. A part of what makes an RPG game great is their lineup of characters. In Final Fantasy VI, the character roster is not only robust but each of them has their own unique story. Heck, there are some characters that will make you cry. Never has anyone thought that an RPG game can evoke so much emotion in them. Also, the game’s main antagonist, Kefka, fits the bill perfectly. He is so adept at making you so angry that there was one person who admitted he destroyed his TV screen because he threw his game controller to it after Kefka’s evil plot.

2. Story. Another thing that made the Final Fantasy VI game great is its storyline. The main character is Terra and she is instantly grouped up with Locke. There is a total of 14 characters in the game and each and every one of them has a unique twist in the game. Furthermore, there is also a backstory every time you get their best weapons. I’ve never played any RPG game that does this.

3. Music. The musical score in Final Fantasy VI really amps up the situation. Whether you’re in a dungeon or fighting the many battles you need to face, there is a musical score that will surely enliven your experience while playing this game. In fact, the battle music of FF6 is one of the best iconic and most memorable among all of the RPG games I’ve ever played.

4. Battle System. Each of the characters has their own unique move sets that you can utilize in each battle. Take Sabin, for example. He has this Blitz ability where you input certain button presses to execute a move. Not only is it challenging but it also does a lot of damage when done correctly. Another example is his brother, Edgar. He can use various tools at his disposal. His most famous tool is the “Chainsaw”. It has a unique game mechanic because it can either do a lot of damage or it can miss and deal only 1 hp damage.

There are a lot of reasons to love Final Fantasy VI but the ones I’ve highlighted above always stand out among the rest of the criteria.

If you want to experience what me and a lot of other RPG gamers out there have experienced, then definitely play Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy is available on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the PC.